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Safety Barriers - 5 Ways The Workplace Benefits

Retails/commercial areas, warehouses and distribution centres rely on safety barriers, why?


It might take something to go wrong before it’s decided that action needs to be taken, for others they may just want their workplace to run smoother, and adhere to health and safety without issue.

Whilst both intentions differ from one another, the end result remains the same – you want your workplace to be deemed safe and operational. 

How do safety barriers impact a work environment?

PROVIDE PROTECTIONprotective posts bollards
The general purpose of barriers are to protect. Bollards are just one example of safety barriers which can be used across the board. This can range from inside a warehouse to avoid racking damage, or outside to ensure vehicles don’t plough in to your offices.

It’s necessary to be prepared for people that might not have experience within an industrial environment. One example of this is that visitors might not know restrictions of where they’re allowed to go. When in use; expanding barriers are usually a good way to demonstrate that a person shouldn’t be where they are.

IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITYgalvanised crowd control barriers
If you’re running an event and expecting a lot of people to turn up you will need moderate ‘traffic control’. Crowd control barriers, or alternatively more staff are great examples of this. When  barriers are in place they can be used again and again. This allows employees to take charge of other areas which need attention.

Where a carpark is concerned you may to increase safety measures. This is because as you well know, behaviour of other drivers is out of your hands. The placement of speed ramps or cable channel ramps on your premises act as a deterrent for speed enthusiasts whilst also provided protection to your equipment. 

INCREASE AWARENESSplastic chain and post kits
Not exactly cordoning off an area, but instead clearly marking the perimeter of a site or parking area. Plastic chain and posts can indirectly outline ‘off-limit’ areas. This is as a result of their high-vis reflective nature. The posts are suitable for no access beyond this point or perhaps a danger spot (with appropriate signage), also perfect for road works where visibility is vital.

To conclude…

There we have it, 5 ways that safety barriers can help improve the workplace for the better. Safety barriers and their versatile nature ensures their use spans across multiple industries.

Take a look at our entire safety barrier range.  Alternatively you can phone us on 01278 783322 to discuss your requirements.

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