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Anti Fatigue Mats

Find the balance between getting the most out of your employees whilst making sure they’re comfortable. You can do this with the help of Anti Fatigue Mats. The purpose of this specialist matting is to enhance productivity in the workplace. Ideal for Factories, Production Lines and Workshops; the mats encourage legs muscles to subtly contract if you’ve been standing still for a prolonged period of time. It’s when blood flow is restricted or static, that people start to feel the effects of fatigue. Without proper movement, your blood flow doesn’t run so easily. Slowing down the blood’s journey to the heart where it picks up Oxygen, results in tiredness and lethargy. Both of which associated with fatigue.

One of the many benefits of a Anti Fatigue Mat is their low cost – starting at £18.50!

Anti-Fatigue mats come in various sizes, styles and colours. Our standard Anti Fatigue Matting is available in a Grey or Charcoal colour with different widths and lengths to choose from. We offer multiple lengths to suit different needs. A corner shop might only require a single square of matting for behind the till, whereas a production line for car parts might have numerous people working in the same station line, therefore a roll is more appropriate. This is by far the cheaper option than purchasing singular mats. It also reduces the risk of a possible trip hazard if the matting is in one straight line.

Whilst on the topic of trip hazards, there is also Ribbed Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting with Yellow Edges. This is especially designed to increase awareness and prevent trip-hazards from happening, due to the highly visible bright yellow edges. Another health benefit you can add to the mats’ resume is that also helps correct poor posture – stress to the spine and back muscles are most commonly affected with poor distribution of weight and bad posture which can also contribute to lack of energy. The mats also comply with their respective slip resistance and DIN fire tests.

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