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Perfect for use in retail areas due to its easily accessible nature; shelving is versatile and can be adapted to your premises to adhere to your needs.

Adequate storage space for goods within the workplace, garage, school, office or home is a must-have in order to keep an area organised and free from clutter where health and safety is concerned.

Affordable and fit for purpose; our shelving systems can bring much needed order to your premises. We will work with you to interpret your requirements and return back to you with a proposal that will maximise your overall storage potential. We can do our best to cater to any colour, load capacity or sizes requirements you may have.

Types of Shelving:

Heavy Duty Shelving


  • Capable of storing particularly heavy hand loaded goods (when distributed evenly)
  • Suited to industrial areas such as a factory, workshop or warehouse area due to weight load capacity

Longspan Shelving


  • Cost-effective solution to storing hand-loaded long or awkwardly shaped items, due to longer shelving widths
  • Ideal for businesses wishing to safely store pipes, parts and other industrial goods

Wire Shelving


  • Versatile in its use; wire shelving is a beloved favourite of retail and office areas due to its lightweight yet robust construction
  • Open wire design encourages ventilation making it ideal for catering, hospital, retail and cold/damp environments

Galvanised Shelving


  • If rust is a problem, galvanised shelving is the answer as it can be placed inside or outdoors due to its corrosion resistance
  • Can be used in commercial and industrial premises with standard or heavy duty options available

These are just some of the shelving systems were are able to offer you. If you have a particular shelving type in mind other than those mentioned above, please call us on 01278 783322 and we will put you in touch with one of our experienced team members to discuss your requirements further.

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