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Workbenches & Workstations

Every workman needs a good workbench or workstation when doing their job. It’s not just about having a smooth surface to work from, it’s also very much about accessibility. There really is much more to consider when choosing the type of workbench you require. First you have to decide between Industrial and Heavy Duty. Then you go on to weigh up the benefits of a wood top versus steel top and so forth. Our workbenches & workstations range has something for everyone.


Some professions may require a certain type of bench. An example of this would be the ESD Medium Duty, due to its electro static dissipative properties, it is tailored to the use of electricians and repairman. Offering a level of protection against the ESD which is the cause of sparking in electricity. The bench provides resistance to a high charge build-up. This makes it almost essential for those dealing with electric/wiring on a daily basis.

It doesn’t just stop there however; if you don’t have a specific needs as per the above (ESD), then you’re not exactly limited to just one type of surface. The MDF Top is far more versatile. Constructed from medium density fibreboard with the ability to choose different coloured frames; this workshop bench is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, within the workplace or Design work. It is long-lasting, and therefore a worthy investment.

Adding tools is optional, but can make the whole world of difference. From the likes of louvre/tool panels to aid application of storage pots, to trunking sockets enabling electrical use, additional shelves and fluorescent lighting rails amongst much more; you can kit it out the way you want, with all you need ready on hand (please see individual workbench listing for available accessories).


Instead of different surface types, our workstations have vary by storage capacity and surface top. They are suitable for designers, architects, construction works etc. to discuss designs and planned works. There are also first aid workstations available to safely store medical supplies. Flat top or sloping top are usually the standard options available. Pin boards, back panels and shelf backstops available for purchase separately.

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