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Items within a warehouse, factory, workshop and other industrial areas, should all be stored away in a safe manner. The reason for this is not purely for health and safety purpose, but to also allow a much more efficient workplace. If materials have a designated space, as opposed to being set down somewhere on the floor; employees won’t spend their time searching for what they need; they will be doing the actual job. Identification ties it nicely with organisation, a more organised workplace results in an increased level of productivity.Our racking range spans across a number of different styles and purposes; all tailored towards industrial premises. Pipe Racks are an important piece of storage equipment within the warehouse, this vertical pipe rack is formed of bays and can help separate pipe sizes to make selection easier. This particular model is also coated in a blue epoxy paint for increased wear and tear resistance. In addition to pipe racks, we also have a selection of Sheet Racks in various configurations. This features a multi-height design as well as the standard model. Keeping your sheet, plate, pipes and other materials all safe in one place allows an industrial based workplace to run as smooth as possible.

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