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Cycle Shelters

Picture this, you’ve decided to take up cycling for whatever reason. Perhaps you want to have a more positive impact on the environment or you can’t afford the running costs of a car. It could be that you haven’t yet taken driving lessons, therefore you cannot drive, maybe you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle or just simply like riding. Regardless of why you ride a bike, it’s important you have somewhere safe to keep it.

Just as a car driver should have somewhere safe and secure to park their vehicle; bike owners should be entitled to the same privileges. This is where Cycle Shelters come in to play. There are many reasons as to why a bicycle shelter is a worthwhile investment for your business premises, local park, hospital or school/college.

A cycle shelter can offer protection against poor weather conditions!

Any rider will know the sunken feeling in their chest when you peer out the window to see it’s raining. To make it worse, also being fully aware that your transport home is uncovered and therefore going to have a soaking wet saddle ready and waiting for you. Another problem that rain brings with it is the possibility of rusting. No matter how old/new your bike is, leaving it outside in bad weather and you’ll be looking for another on the market soon enough.

Off the back of rain-talk, we have to discuss its colleague with a modest temperature of 5,500’c, the sun. After much consideration, hot seats may actually be worse than wet ones. At least if you have a wet seat you may be able to dry it somehow, if you have a burning seat however there is nothing you can do. Most bicycle seats are both leather and dark coloured. Black attracts the sun whilst leather conducts heat = not a good combination.

Cycle Shelters can take the hit for you; the Secure Bike Storage Compound with Lockable Gate has UV protection so the shelter doesn’t get discoloured from exposure. The Kenilworth Bicycle Shelter is an example of a cost-effective storage system. The half-dome design allows rain to clear by running off the roof. All that’s needed are some Sheffield Stands or Hoop Racks and you’re away! Adding to the many benefits of Bike Shelters; they can also be put in to place to avoid vandals or theft. A Kenilworth Porch Shelter has a lockable door so only those with a key are granted access. This means the compound can be locked at night to protect any bicycles being stored and running into harm.

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