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If you look around, wherever you are it’s likely you’ll see a type of matting or flooring surrounding you. There isn’t just one type of matting, there are a several. All of which have different purpose and features. This means they also tend to vary in price. With so many options on the market you have to ask yourself what you want out of it. Are you looking for something that will make the doorway to your premises look more inviting, or instead a mat which will collect dirt and residue from the bottom of shoes before it has chance to spread across the entire building? If so, Entrance Matting is probably the route you’re wanting to follow.

Not sure what kind of matting you need? Fear not…

On other hand you may be seeking something with more substance than style. In this case, perhaps an Electrical Safety mat is more appropriate. This kind of matting offers further protection to operatives working with electricity, prone to static charge on a daily basis.

Of course when talking about matting, you can’t forget standard, yet very effective Anti-Fatigue. As discussed in a past blog post this helps to significantly reduce common symptoms associated with fatigue. This is as a result of prolonged standing leading to poor posture, stress and leg & back pain. It does so by subtly contracting the leg muscles to increase blood flow, helping Oxygen reach the brain for increased productivity.

Then we head over to Non-Slip, pretty self-explanatory. Best for use in areas that are particularly slippery – swimming pools, changing facilities and food production premises. With that comes flooring, tape and paint. Spray paint for line marking, especially suitable for construction and traffic workers, groundsman and engineers, with applicators for easy distribution also available. Tape for marking out areas available in normal colours or ‘hazard’ versions for high visibility.

There’s so much to choose from which is why we’ve split it up in to separate categories to make it easier to identify which group each mat belongs to.

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