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Anti Fatigue Matting - Why Is It Used?

Anti Fatigue Matting 1

Just like Hollywood movies; it’s hard to keep up with all the different variations of products when there are just so many out there. Of course there are some products which follow conform to ‘what you see is what you get’. Examples of these include safety steps, office desks etc. It’s more about what it is rather than what it can do. Not all products are like this however. Anti fatigue matting is a prime example. Yes, it’s matting, but how does it actually stop fatigue?

Allow us to fill you in…


To start with, Anti Fatigue Mats are designed to significantly reduce fatigue a person is experiencing. Generally when they have been standing in the same position for a prolonged period of time.


If your workplace springs to mind when you speak of someone being stationary for a number of hours, then yes it is very likely. Often used in Workshops, Factories, Warehouses, Supermarkets and Production Lines; Anti Fatigue Matting is equally as beneficial to you as it is your employee. Unbeknown to many, this type of mat also comes with health benefits as it aims to reduce all common symptoms associated with long-standing jobs such as: back and foot pain, weariness, poor posture and stress.


The underfoot cushioning in the mat forces the muscles in your legs to subtly contract, which maintains blood flow and circulation around the body so that more Oxygen is able to reach the heart which then passes this on to the brain. As a result of more Oxygen, the body won’t be experiencing high levels of lethargy and productivity is not reduced. Overall creating a more efficient, comfortable and happy workplace.

Just some of the many types of safety matting include: Ribbed (for grip), Original Coba Orthomat and mats with Yellow Bevelled Edges (for awareness – high visibility). These can be purchased from us directly, either as a single square mat or roll of matting if used for production lines. This safety matting is a cost-effective way to maintain morale for all in the workplace!

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone on 01278 783322 or using the contact form.

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