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Safety & Security

It’s important your work premises are safe and accessible at all times. In doing so, you reduce the chances of injury, improve productivity and ensure security at all times. There are plenty of products on the market which allow the day-to-day running of a business to be smooth. Said products are not just limited to within the walls, some are also tailored outdoor use.

Who has been to a music festival or concert before? It’s likely you would have seen some Crowd Control Barriers, these help organise large amounts of people, and even filter where necessary, i.e. VIP, general sale and collection. This sort of barrier directs people whereabouts they need to be. This results in three smaller, organised groups as opposed to one very long jumbled line. As you would expect, this also improves productivity whilst at the same time keeping everyone safe and reducing the amount of overcrowding. Other forms of safety barriers such as cable protectors, plastic chain & posts and belt barriers are also available too.

Signs and labelling is also a necessity when workshops and warehouses are in question. Racking Aisle Markers help employees navigate aisles around a warehouse or supermarket quickly and efficiently, overall reducing the amount of unnecessary time spent searching. They are deliberately designed to clearly stand out. This is achieved by the bright white or highly visible yellow colour background with a bold, black digit(s) on the front. Weight Load Notices are a requirement for most companies whether you’re on site personally or if your own premises are having work, it’s strongly advised as they outline the safe weight load allowed for shelving, racking or flooring.

Considering the exterior of your premises, Speed Ramps may be a good idea for slowing down traffic upon entry. Perhaps Safety Mirrors would be worth a thought, these help to prevent collisions in areas where visibility is reduced – usually to tight bends in the road. These provide the driver with peace of mind and allow them to turn a corner safely, keeping an eye out for pedestrians or traffic which may be passing at speed.

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