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Interlocking Floor Tiles - Why You Should Replace Workshop/Garage Flooring

If you’re thinking that replacing workshop or garage flooring will be a costly job, reconsider interlocking floor tiles. There are many benefits spanning beyond the obvious costs that need to be considered. Therefore have a quick read to see if they are suitable for your premises!

First of all, the magic of interlocking floor tiles is their ability to well, interlock. The process of aligning the tiles has been compared to completing a jigsaw puzzle (we’re thinking 100 piece difficulty as opposed to 1000). These vinyl tiles are one of the most versatile on the market, partly as a result of the non-slip qualities they possess.

Whilst they might not be necessary fixture to your garage; they can improve wear and tear to the concrete ground. The tiles will not falter when a car is driven over them, simply another excellent feature of these robust tiles.

Studded surface and a checker plate surface are the two variants available. Whilst the tiles are made entirely from the same materials, they are manufactured in slightly different designs. This is so that they’re tailored to more specific uses. For example, the studded surface tiles are more inclined to provide comfort, whereas the checker surface are well suited to vehicular traffic. Despite this, both tiles can still be used for either/or, they’re just ever so slightly more suitable for the mentioned uses.

You can forget about the costly works associated with laying flooring down as these are a brilliant example of DIY – do it yourself. No tools necessary; partner with ramped edges to create a clean cut run. Alternatively, you are able to cut the tiles down with a jigsaw or stanley knife.

The ‘purpose’ of the interlocking tiles are to protect pre-existing flooring and prevent any further damage. In addition to this, they are:

  • Designed to absorb shock and noise
  • Suitable for all weathers (including extreme temperatures)
  • Fully accessible for pushchairs, wheelchairs and trolleys
  • Fire resistant

If you are interested in finding out more about the interlocking floor tiles and would like to discuss this with a member of our sales team, please use the contact form on the website or call us on 01278 783322. You can also check out the story of a very happy customer who purchased the tiles for his garage.

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